Our isotopic applications are used to improve understanding of reservoir layering, stratigraphy, reservoir provenance, reservoir characterization and reservoir compartmentalization. 

Our isotopic applications all share the following key attributes:

Well-established applications.  All results are assessed and interpreted in light of experience gained from hundreds of isotope geochemistry studies on clastic and carbonate reservoirs world–wide.

Quantitative data.  The measured isotopic compositions are used directly in interpretations.

An understanding of appropriate sample requirements and preparation.  We have extensive experience of sampling and preparing core material specifically for isotopic analyses.  In addition, produced or test waters, side wall cores and cuttings may be used for certain applications.

Specialized Studies on a Routine Basis.  We have been providing specialized isotopic studies for the international oil industry on a routine basis since 1991.  It is normal for initial results to be reported within 3 to 4 weeks from receipt of samples, with formal reporting carried out in consultation with the client’s needs. 

Quality control and reproducibility of results.  The continuity and experience gained since 1991 allows us to maintain an overview of consistency and reproducibility of results and interpretations that we provide.  All our radiogenic isotope analyses are provided for us by James Hutton Limited (JHL), the analytical laboratory of the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen, where we are based.  JHL is an ISO17025 accredited testing laboratory.  Other analyses may be sourced from university and commercial laboratories with whom we maintain close relationships.

Isotopic expertise and advice.  In addition to the four main applications detailed in the articles, we can also provide and advise on other isotope geochemical studies (e.g. compound specific isotope analyses (CSIA) of gas samples, mud gas isotopes, and isotopic characterization of production and test fluid / water samples).  If we do not routinely provide the appropriate application you require, we would be pleased to source it for you or suggest possible alternative suppliers.