John J. McBride BSc, PhD

Consultant and Director, Isotopic Ltd, Aberdeen.

* Reservoir correlation and connectivity studies using isotope geochemical applications.
* A geologist with over 30 years experience of reservoir studies gained with Isotopic Ltd, Isotopic Analytical Services (IAS Ltd), Geochem, and Robertson Research.
* Expertise in the application of isotope data to exploration and production problems gained through studies of clastic and carbonate reservoirs in the North Sea and world-wide. Sedimentological and diagenetic expertise gained through PhD research and technical service reservoir studies.

Recent Studies


1988 - 1992: University of Aberdeen, PhD Geology. Research into the controls on diagenesis and reservoir quality distribution in the Middle Jurassic reservoir sandstones of the Bruce Field, UK North Sea.

1981 - 1985: University of Edinburgh, BSc Honours Geology 2.1.

Publications / Courses

PhD Thesis

McBride J.J., 1992. The Diagenesis of Middle Jurassic Reservoir Sandstones of Bruce Field, UK North Sea. (Unpubl. PhD thesis, Aberdeen University, 1992).


Mearns E.W. and McBride J.J., 1999. Hydrocarbon filling history and reservoir continuity of oil fields evaluated using 87Sr/86Sr isotope ratio variations in formation water, with examples from the North Sea. Petroleum Geoscience 5, 1999, p. 17-27.

Dalland A., Mearns E.W. and McBride J.J., 1995. The application of samarium-neodymium (Sm-Nd) Provenance Ages to correlation of biostratigraphically barren strata: a case study of the Statfjord Formation in the Gullfaks Oil field, Norwegian North Sea. In: Dunay, R.E. & Hailwood, E.A. (eds), 1995, Non-biostratigraphical Methods of Dating and Correlation. Geol. Soc. Spec. Pub. 89, p. 201-222.

Some abstracts/ conference presentations

J.J. McBride, T. Coombes, J. Baillie, J-M. Feroul, S. Rae and E.W. Mearns: Connectivity in the Brent Group Reservoir of the Dunbar Oil Field, UK North Sea Assessed by Strontium Isotope Residual Salt Analysis (SrRSA) and Formation Pressure Data. AAPG/EAGE Research Symposium, Oct 1996, The Woodlands, Texas.

J.J. McBride, J-M Feroul and E.W. Mearns: A Sr Residual Salt Analysis (SrRSA) Study To Investigate The Connectivity Of The Brent Group Reservoir Of The Dunbar field, UK North Sea. AAPG International Conference Sep. 1995, Nice, France. (Abstract in AAPG Bull. 79/8, p. 1235, 1995).

E.W. Mearns, M. Bramwell, J.J. McBride: Application of 87Sr/86Sr, d18O and d13C Isotopes to Diagenesis, Correlation and Connectivity of a Fractured Chalk Reservoir, the Sidi El Kilani Field, Tunisia. AAPG International Conference Sep. 10-13, 1995, Nice, France. (Abstract in AAPG Bull. 79/8, p. 1235, 1995).